Since no federal law governs playing games online, placing wagers online is definitely legal. As long as the wager is placed on a website situated outside the United States, it is completely fine. There was just one case noted about a person getting into trouble with the state in the year 2003. A person from North Dakota named Jeffrey Trauman had to pay a fine of 500 dollars over online sports bet gambling illegal
Is gambling illegal
Websites set up outside the United States are absolutely legal. Thus, the answer to the question β€˜Is Gambling Illegal?’ is that gambling on websites in areas like Latin America, Australia, and the Carribean is legal. You simply need to be careful that the website you use to bet is not based in the U.S.
Where is Gambling Illegal?
Those advertisers who promote their sports books on billboards and magazines do not necessarily face prosecution. Sportsbooks have so far never been scrutinized for online advertising campaigns. Moreover, online casinos, sports books, and poker rooms have never been penalized for purchasing ads.

So, where is gambling illegal? Online operators and casinos accept American players as well. Moreover, international financial agencies continue processing their transactions. The legal formalities keep changing over time and many attempts have been made to declare it illegal to wager online. However, for the time being, only U.S. citizens placing their bets online are against the law. Thus, you can fearlessly place a bet online with a casino based outside the United States.